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Advanced onsite oil analysis ensures race team leaderboard standings case study

Posted by Daniel Walsh on January 25, 2024


AMETEK Spectro Scientific’s on-site oil analysis tools have enabled Honda Performance Development to support WTR Andretti and Meyer Shanks ARX-06 race cars to the podium.

Honda Performance Development (HPD) faced a formidable challenge during the Rolex 24-hour endurance race in January 2023.

Their most advanced ARX-06 GTP (Grand Touring Prototype) race cars, which would be racing competitively for the first time with new engine hybrid technology, and a new IMSA-approved renewable fuel.

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Onsite Oil Analysis For Power Generation

Posted by Ray Garvey on February 13, 2023

Retesting And Resampling Can Save Millions


Power plants today face headwinds in delivering power to customers. Power suppliers must meet the “Three Rs” for power system reliability: resource adequacy (people, equipment, facilities, availability), system resiliency (ability to bounce back from disruption) and operational reliability (assets performing without unplanned downtime).1

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FieldLab Oil Analysis for Offshore Rig Support Case Study

Posted by Daniel Walsh on December 16, 2022

Exploration Rigs insist on Oil Analysis 

For many years, rig operators have used oil analysis as an essential tool for routine maintenance and future cost avoidance. On oil rigs, equipment failures risk employee safety, and missed production targets are realized very quickly. The remote locations of offshore rigs make routine maintenance very expensive. In most cases, skilled people and supplies can only reach the platform by ship or helicopter so the cost of bringing technical specialists, replacement equipment, spare parts and tools to the platform is high.

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Oil Analysis Handbook

Posted by Zack Macik on May 24, 2022

Spectro Scientific's Oil Analysis Handbook

This Oil Analysis Handbook covers a wide variety of topics ranging from specific oil analysis techniques to applications for oil analysis, to success stories of companies that use on-site oil analysis to lower costs and improve uptime. The applications for oil analysis range from mining and trucking to water treatment, service providers, and industrial plants.  Learn how to improve reliability while cutting maintenance costs and avoiding costly downtime.

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Rapid Analysis: Gold Mine Eliminates Reliance on Outside Lab

Posted by Randi Price on September 11, 2020

Point of care solutions provide the maintenance team with accurate answers about equipment when needed. This is especially important when teams are working in 24/7 operations. Waiting for data to come back in days or weeks to make important decisions is not viable.

Oil analysis is essential to identify problems so they can be corrected before they cause equipment to go down for major repairs. A multinational mining firm was using an outside lab for oil analysis, but there were some real limitations with this approach:

  • The cost of this approach limited the number of samples that could be analyzed.
  • In addition, the four-day lead time to receive the results created the risk that damage could occur before results were obtained.
  • Further, unpredictable delays or interruptions in shipping to the off-site lab can have huge impacts to keeping critical machinery running.

They overcame this problem by creating an in-house lab based on the SpectrOil 100 rotating disk electrode (RDE) atomic emission spectrometer and the Spectro FTIR oil analyzer. The mine can now obtain oil analysis results in only 12 minutes, and the reduced cost per sample has made it possible to increase the number of samples analyzed by nearly a factor of ten. In its first year of operation, the in house lab has identified savings of over a million dollars in downtime and over a million dollars in repairs with several of the larger incidents generating savings that completely paid for the purchase price of the instruments.

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Simplicity Breeds Confidence: On-site Oil Analysis is Easier than Ever

Posted by Randi Price on June 25, 2020

Oil analysis is a core practice recognized within the reliability professional community to improve machine reliability and save money.  Many companies and organizations already employ some type of oil analysis program within their maintenance practices.   

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Lower Maintenance Costs: Large Municipality Uses Point of Care Oil Analysis to Significantly Reduce Costs

Posted by Mitchell Myers on June 04, 2020

A large municipality located in the northwestern United States operates a fleet of over 1,700 vehicles and over 3,000 pieces of motorized equipment which it uses for critical everyday functions.  As you can imagine, maintenance on this equipment is expensive with oil changes alone costing in excess of $3 million dollars annually when done at set intervals.  The municipality recognized that they could save millions of dollars by using oil analysis on their fleet to extend oil change intervals as well as identify and fix serious problems before they cause a catastrophic failure.

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The Monitor, Q1 Newsletter

Posted by John Morgan on March 01, 2016
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