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Annual Cost Savings From Effective Lubrication Programs With Onsite Oil Analysis

Posted by Ray Garvey on June 01, 2023


This article reports annual cost savings from several effective lubrication programs using onsite oil analysis. These published case histories cover various industries. These lubrication programs employ the following steps that differentiate effective lubrication programs with excellent cost avoidance from ineffective, low cost avoidance lubrication programs.

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Onsite Oil Analysis For Power Generation

Posted by Ray Garvey on February 13, 2023

Retesting And Resampling Can Save Millions


Power plants today face headwinds in delivering power to customers. Power suppliers must meet the “Three Rs” for power system reliability: resource adequacy (people, equipment, facilities, availability), system resiliency (ability to bounce back from disruption) and operational reliability (assets performing without unplanned downtime).1

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