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The Monitor, Q1 Newsletter

Posted by John Morgan on March 01, 2016




Welcome to the inaugural edition of Specto Scientific's quarterly newsletter, The Monitor. In this newsletter we will present a variety of topics for our valued customers, partners and prospects. Content will range from industry trends and application solutions to case studies and e-guides. We'd love to hear your ideas for making this communication a useful and meaningful tool. If you have a success story you'd like to share, or a topic you'd like to read about in future issues, please let us know. Happy Monitoring!!

City of Boston Central Fleet Uses MicroLab

The City of Boston’s Central Fleet Garage wanted to take a more proactive role in preventative maintenance of the equipment serviced at its facility, so the Garage decided to investigate onsite oil analysis solutions. Read more. 


House Calls for Off-shore Oil Rigs

Instead of sending oil samples ashore and waiting weeks for laboratory results, many people are bringing oil analysis to the rigs using the Q5800 Field Lab or the MicroLab. Read more.



E-guide to Measuring Water in Oil

In this guide we explore the challenges posed by water in lubrication oils and discuss the methods available to reliability professionals for measuring water in oil. Read more.



On Demand Webinar on MicroLab 

Please check out our webinar "On-site Oil Analysis Made Easy, Through Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management". Learn how intelligent systems and data management simplfy the task of oil analysis for fleet customers and others. 

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