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A quick guide to oil analysis for engine test applications

Posted by Yuegang Zhao on June 23, 2017


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Revolutionize Wear Particle Analysis for Predictive Maintenance

Posted by Yuegang Zhao on September 04, 2015


Understanding and trending machine wear is critical for predictive maintenance. Oil analysis is the best routine non-destructive technology (NDT) for detecting surface wear on a wide array of oil lubricated machines like engines, turbines, gearboxes, motors, and compressors. To make an accurate assessment of potential failures, mechanics like to know where the wear debris is coming from, what is causing the wear and how severe it is. The parameters measured using oil analysis that provide those clues are: wear material, particle shape, particle size, and quantity of debris. Knowing what material the debris is made from allows you to trace its origin back t

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Oil Analysis Equipment for Reliability Professionals

Posted by Yuegang Zhao on August 04, 2015

Enable your service team with a portable oil analyzer

It is not an easy task to accurately assess the condition of lubricating oil after a sample has been taken from your machinery. Such timely information is critical in helping service engineers to identify potential problems and to plan appropriate maintenance actions. Lubricant condition can be expressed in terms of oil degradation and contamination and they differ in reciprocal engines (off and on highway truck fleet, automotive fleet, marine vessel fleets) and in rotating machines (commonly used in industrial manufacturing plants). These difference are summarized in the table below

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