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Tips for implementing on-site oil analysis for fleets

Posted by Janet Keefe on April 19, 2018

Getting started with an on-site oil analysis program for Fleets

We have worked with many fleets to bring oil analysis capability on site with the MicroLab® analyzer. The programs can be very successful in helping fleets save money by extending oil drain intervals and by identifying mechanical issues before they result in catastrophic failures.

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MicroLab expert system interprets oil analysis report

Posted by Janet Keefe on April 02, 2018

Provides comprehensive data and maintenance actions

The MicroLab® produces a comprehensive oil analysis report in less than 15 minutes to provide a complete picture of oil and machine condition, which allows a technician to make real-time maintenance decisions while the equipment is still in the garage.

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Estimate your annual savings

Posted by Janet Keefe on March 06, 2018

When companies are considering adding on-site oil analysis capability to their maintenance program with the MicroLab analyzer they typically want to know how quickly the investment will pay off for them. To help fleets evaluate the potential savings that on-site oil analysis can bring to them we developed a savings calculator that allows you to input specific information about your fleet to determine the estimated annual savings you may achieve.

 The calculator considers three areas of savings potential.

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5 Misconceptions About On-site Oil Analysis for Fleets

Posted by Janet Keefe on February 22, 2016


1. It takes a lot of specialized instrumentation

The days of needing a laboratory full of specialized equipment to do oil analysis are long gone. The MicoLab® all-in-one oil analyzer combines four separate analytical instruments into one compact device.  The MicroLab is used to test for elemental analysis, viscosity, oil chemistry and particle contamination. It only requires a small amount of space and is designed to be operated in non-lab environments, like garages, so it is easy to incorporate into your existing work space. 

MicroLab is a “lab in a box”

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