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An Introduction to OSA Products for Fluid Analysis

Posted by John Morgan on March 04, 2015

With the recent acquisition of On-Site Analysis (OSA), Spectro is pleased to add the following products to our family of condition based monitoring solutions. OSA excels in the development and manufacture of advanced fluids analysis hardware and software technologies, primarily for on-premise coolant, oil and lubrication testing for municipal and commercial fleet vehicles. 


The MicroLab is a complete analytical system that delivers comprehensive test results for machine lubricants, including engine and gear box oils, and hydraulic, power steering and transmission fluids. The MicroLab provides immediate test data results, as well as actionable, corrective advice that can be easily understood by field operators. The system can also be set up to send email warning alerts as soon as abnormal or critical test results are found. It is the ideal tool for condition-based monitoring of high-use, reciprocating engines like high-mileage fleet trucks or heavy equipment used on location in industries like mining, maritime, and construction.

TruckCheck®Designed to meet the needs of the trucking industry

TruckCheck gives truck fleet owners and operators the ability to continuously monitor oil degradation and contamination, the principal causes of equipment downtime. TruckCheck includes  special application-specific software and rules for the trucking industry.

Testing on location using the TruckCheck enables you to:

■ get instant results, no waiting for lab tests

■ catch early signs of contamination or abnormal wear

■ extend oil drain intervals saving money on new oil and well as the cost of disposing of used oil


Cooling systems play a vital role in preserving the overall engine heat balance and in protecting engine components against corrosion and other problems. Machinery and Lubrication magazine estimates that 60% of engine downtime in the commercial sector is coolant related.

Testing with CoolCheck allows you to maintain your system at optimum levels and help prevent:

■ Corrosion, pitting and rust build-up

■ Coolant leaking into oil from damaged seals

■ Overheating, boil-over, engine seize-up

■ Engine damage from freezing

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